Under New Management from January 2015

TruckCare is an independently-audited quality assurance program for the Australian Livestock Transport Industry.  The program is built around the quality assurance principles contained in international standards and Australian laws.  It addresses animal welfare, food safety, OH&S and biosecurity risks.

While the program was originally developed and managed by the ALRTA, as of January 2015, TruckCare has been incorporated as a voluntary module of TruckSafe which is managed by the Australian Trucking Association.

TruckSafe is a business and risk management accreditation program that is aimed at improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators nation-wide.  It is based on four key standards relating to: management; maintenance; workplace and driver health; and training.

The merger of TruckCare and TruckSafe has several benefits including:

  • Improved Management: TruckSafe is managed by dedicated professional staff and operates a superior financial, auditing and oversight system.
  • Reduced Red-tape: Alignment of TruckCare and TruckSafe will simplify administration for operators already in both systems and enable audits to be undertaken at the same time.
  • Cost Savings: The alignment of audits will result in net cost saving.
  • A Safety Focus: TruckSafe is an excellent system for assisting your business to comply with more rigorous vehicle maintenance requirements which are currently under review by governments and expected to be applied in the near future.

An important condition of the merger is that all TruckCare members must also become TruckSafe members. This means that TruckCare members who are not already members of both programs will need to take steps to be accredited under the TruckSafe program by 30 June 2015.

Members who are not already accredited under TruckSafe will be sent a pack that will contain information including the requirements for accreditation, and an application for TruckSafe membership. Please note that membership does not mean you are accredited. All vehicles in your fleet including trailing equipment will be required to be included in your accreditation.

For those that are already accredited under TruckSafe you will notice very little difference other than the fact that both audits will be conducted at the same time.

Annual membership subscription fees will be paid directly to TruckSafe.

Please note that subscription fees will include the audit costs of both programs (i.e. you will pay a fixed rate for your audits upfront and will no longer need to pay auditors directly for their services).  TruckSafe will also select the auditors on your behalf. This is in line with similar rules recently agreed by Australian Transport Ministers for the NHVAS program to ensure that audit services are truly independent and at arm’s length – a critical element for any accreditation program.

For some members there will be an overall saving due to the reduced travel costs associated with conducting both audits at the same time.

The new TruckCare module under TruckSafe will follow the same requirements that are currently in place, although changes may occur to reflect new government requirements or to avoid duplication with the TruckSafe system.  TruckSafe will continue to assist livestock carriers to comply with the requirements under the truckCare module.

As TruckCare will be an important part of TruckSafe, the ALRTA has been invited to nominate representatives to TruckSafe oversight positions. These are:

  • Stephen Marley (LRTAWA) – TruckSafe Board;
  • Graham Emery (LRTAQ) – TruckSafe Board; and
  • Tracey Boschetti (LBCA) – TruckSafe Industry Accreditation Council.

We believe these proposed changes will herald a new and exciting growth phase for TruckCare as part of the successful TruckSafe programme.

Should you have any questions or concerns with the merger please contact Kevin Walsh on (02) 6253 6900, or Justin Fleming, National Manager TruckSafe on 0410 561 955, or

For more information about the programs please visit: