Antilock Braking Systems: Submission

Antilock Braking Systems: Submission

The Federal Government has consulted with industry on a proposal to mandate antilock braking systems (ABS) for all new heavy vehicles and trailers from 1 January 2014. The changes are not retrospective and would be enacted through changes to Australian Vehicle Design Rules.

In assessing the proposal the ALRTA has sought advice from member operators, vehicle manufacturers and technical experts. While generally supportive of safety improvements, we have serious concerns about the cost, reliability and performance of modern ABS in remote operating environments. The practical implications of compatibility issues likely to arise when operating ‘smart’ and ‘dumb’ trailers in combination are also worrying.

ALRTA has made a detailed submission on the proposal in which we have asked the Government to properly resolve these uncertainties through a robust trial before proceeding. If you have any particular concerns about the proposal we would love to hear from you.

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2 Responses to Antilock Braking Systems: Submission

  1. johnlambert235 says:

    ABS should never be fitted to any truck fitted with air-brakes – just fitting it to a primemover increases stopping distance from 100 kph by 10%. And this is simply because adjusting braking effort requires air to travel in or out of the brake chamber and that takes time. I’m happy to provide detailed information to anyone who is concerned – 0417033258

  2. Mick Byrne says:

    I agree with the comments.
    ABS over air systems is ancient. A dinasour from a by gone era. Electronic brake systems (EBS) is the way forward. EBS encompasses anti lock systems and is safer, simpler and cheaper. Activating brakes by using air pressure is slow,unpredictable and difficult (impossible) to calculate the variables in multi combination vehicles. Swapping combinations around as required in our industry to suit variable combination routes renders pre determined air braking systems useless and dangerous.
    The future is not ABS operating on air. We do not operate In a perfect world where all routes are the same and vehicles all operate under pristine conditions without gravel, kangaroos and wombats.
    It is a long time since we operated vehicles with vacume brakes, air over hydraulic brake systems. It is now time to move forward and look carefully and understand EBS.

    Mick Byrne.
    Byrne Trailers Pty Ltd
    Mob: 0418692967

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