Protect your business: review your rates

Over the last seventy-hours, I’ve had a steady flow of member feedback expressing concern and disappointment over the charges outcome that was announced last week.

Some members have wondered about the possibility of ‘over-turning the decision’.

It’s pretty clear that we live in a very unusual time in politics. We shouldn’t rule anything in or out.

Our National Council will explore all the realistic opportunities to take the bite out of last week’s decision.

But it’s unwise to just sit back and hope.

Letting your business and your family’s income suffer by doing nothing is not the way to deal with this decision.

A full list of national registration charges for all trucks, trailers and dollies, and the new fuel tax, is here.

The new rego fees and the new rate of fuel tax kicks off on 1 July, less than 100 days from now.

It’s time to think about reviewing your rates and to start talking to your customers.

John Beer

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