A-Trailers: NTC tries to sell the idea

The NTC’s pushing hard to win support for its proposed approach to solving the A-Trailer problem. As covered in the last News, the NTC’s relying on new engineering research as the trigger to promptly recalculate the registration charges. We haven’t seen that research, and we haven’t seen the details of their proposal.

On Monday this week, the CEOs of the road transport agencies had their first opportunity to read and discuss the NTC’s proposals and apparently they had a lot of questions and were quite skeptical. Despite that, we hear, the NTC is visiting Ministerial advisors around the country to attempt to sell their idea.

There’s no doubt that the NTC understands that all eyes are on them to produce a workable solution.

For our part, we’re reminding governments that we really want to see some kind of result ‘on the road’ from 1 July 2012 onwards. We’re asking key Ministers to really take a lead on the issue, rather than hang back and see who’ll go first.

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