B-Double Gazette Notices no longer required in NSW

If you run through NSW, and most people do, you’ll want to know that the new NSW Government has announced that they’re scrapping the requirement to carry B-Double Notices in the cab. Go to rta.nsw.gov.au for the details.

Our colleagues in another industry association have, quite correctly, made a public comment that this reform is an early delivery of one of the (smaller) benefits that’s been promised as part of the move
to the National Regulator. I’ve had a member ask if that was somehow meant as a criticism, and I was happy to be able to explain that they were trying to highlight is that it’s good to know that this better arrangement will be locked in nationwide at the end of next year.

Meanwhile, it’s very good to see NSW getting ahead of the game with something that’s clearly positive.  It’s something our NSW Association requested, as a small early improvement from the new Government, and it’s pleasing to see it delivered so promptly.

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